Pro Setup: Chad Fernandez

Most of the time I ride my pro-model board; it’s seven and seven-eighths inches wide, I prefer mid size boards. I like steep concave and a bigger nose than tail, and I just throw the World griptape on my boards. I like to ride boards that are broken in. So I might ride a board for like two or three weeks. It just feels better when it’s been used, I mean, you can blame an old setup for something, but it’s usually just you.

For wheels I ride Darkstar wheels, usually the 54 Black Core ones. I actually ride wheels for a long time. Sometimes I can ride a set of wheels for like two months. I don’t really care, I just pick up my board and go. Bearings, I just ride whatever; I’m not picky, I get whatever is at the shop.

Trucks? I ride Indy trucks, the 136s. I ride ’em a little looser in the front, but overall they’re pretty loose. Sometimes I get wheelbite, but I like to be able to carve and turn real quick. I usually ride trucks for like six months, guaranteed. I don’t ride risers, unless maybe I’m going to do something big, then I might put some on.

For shoes it’s my Osiris pro shoe. I like ’em because I can feel my board really well, which enables me to catch and flip stuff around easier. I’m more on top and in tune with my board when I can feel it better. I’m more into street skating; parks aren’t too fun for me anymore. I’d rather skate street, but I’ll skate transitions¿it just has to be a really good park, then I’m down to go.¿As told to Slim Shad-E