Product Of The Month: Roger x Fairdale Bike & Skate-Rack,

Finally, the perfect solution for carrying your board along for the ride. Single-speed bike, board, and board rack sold as a package if you’ve got the loot. Or each piece sold individually if you don’t.

Photo: Shigeo

From our September 2012 issue.

What We Like: Dress Code Killers

Words by Kevin Duffel

It’s that time of year again—schools are officially unskateable on weekdays, you’ve gotta wake up at the crack of dawn to catch the bus. Bummer. Get back at your principal by picking up these good guys. You might not get past first period showing ’em off, but the look on his face will be more than worth it.


By Expedition-One

Hippie Chick

By emerica

Blacklight Biebel

By Girl

Big Johnson

By Chocolate


By Toy Machine

Weedy Tee

By etnies

G.W.O.B. Tee

By Foundation

Super Chronic


Show Some Class

By Globe


By Altamont

Rasta Nuggs


Golden Vagina

By Foundation

Zombie Brains

By Zero

80 Proof

By Mystery

Schultz Positive

By $lave

Butt Board

By Blind

Republican Deck

By enjoi

Plantlife Socks


Pot Luck Wheels

By Girl

Kush Wallet

By emerica

What Else We Like


By Harperone Publishing

Need something actually entertaining to read for a book report? Look no further than Christian Hosoi’s epic autobiography. From prison stays to spandex suits, no detail is spared.

4GB USB Stick

By SUPRA Footwear

On the plus side, if your dog does eat your homework, now at least it’ll come out the other end in one solid metal piece.