Rampage Skatepark’s Ten-Year Bash

Everyone likes a good birthday party, especially when it’s the skatepark’s birthday! Rampage skatepark turned ten years old on February 20, 1999, and to celebrate, Owner Rick Moliterno and employee Mitch Dettman decided to throw a party. Besides inviting all the local kids who keep the park alive, the local newspaper and radio and news stations came to see the event. Of course a skatepark party wouldn’t be complete without a couple of pros to really get the party going.

With this in mind, special guests of honor included Mike Vallely, Rob Dyrdek, Mike Carroll, Donny Barley, Stevie Williams, Caine Gayle, Scott Johnston, Colin McKay, Rodney Mullen, and a few others. Rodney did a freestyle demo; Mike Vallely told stories about skateboarding and life. Before Mike and Rodney did their things, they had a big demo–everyone skated awesome. Although it wasn’t a short ride away, everyone was cool and still came out to celebrate.

Some people aren’t lucky enough to have a skatepark near them or people who have been contributing to their local scene for ten years. Hopefully, Rampage will be around for another ten and we can celebrate twenty years. Until then, keep skating and keep your local shop and scene alive, because it will only be there for as long as you let it.