Relapse 21#12

Relapse 21#12



Aggro Zone was one of the initial regular columns in the experimental cut-and-paste days of TransWorld SKATEboarding magazine. When O.G. staffer Neil Blender shot and then picked the photos for his anti-editorial work, he did so with the same eye that he applied to his skating, his artwork, his music, and I can only assume, the rest of his living.

Photos found in the Aggro Zone's magic glossy sheets caught and held onto more than just a moment in time. They brushed up against real feeling–a certain awkward anxiousness blended nicely with the momentum, surge, and dynamic that only skateboarding can allow you to channel. Then it made you observe it all as through the very peripheral of your own vision–forcing you to see light collected a little differently than you're hardened to.

Look here, now, and you'll see a bit of that feeling. Most of these Blender pics were featured Aggro Zone images and a couple were ads, edit, or whatever, but as you'll clearly see as you glimpse the precise blurs, the uncompromising manipulation of various lips, the honestly styled positioning of miscellaneous hands and feet, skateboarding looks good when it isn't stopped but instead accelerated through squints, shadows, and obscurity–the empty spaces to eventually be filled with the wonder, light, and time of your own personal experiments.–Kevin Wilkins


Portrait) Blender, fitting in.

1) Mike Lohrman pushes Smith at Skippy's in Westminster.

2) Chris Miller totes his smoothed-out ollie above Upland's Combi.

3) Mike Smith grinds where others spit.

4) Bill Danforth tiptoes through a decked frontside rock at Perfect Ramp.

5) Lance Mountain ponders the future erosion of skate spots worldwide.

6) Matt Campora swings his madonna through the Memphis twilight.

7) Danny Butterfast, getting gone at Sadlands.