Relapse – Tod Swank

The year was 1980, and I was working the night shift at the pro-shop counter at the Del Mar Skate Ranch. In walked this twiggy towhead of a boy with his mom. He was lugging a thick, homemade surfboard-shaped piece of lumber that kind of resembled a skateboard and then plopped it on the counter. His mother proudly let me know that her son had handcrafted this walnut wonder in his school's woodshop, and it needed some griptape.

I then offered to equip it with some nice shag carpet–my offer was quickly declined. That's how I met Tod Weseloh Tosline Swank. Tod would later become a Del Mar Ranch local, a sponsored amateur, pro, artist, skate 'zine maker, and one of the best skate photographers of the 80s. He served TransWorld SKATEboarding as darkroom tech, my assistant, and senior staff photographer before moving on to start Tum Yeto, the successful skateboard company. I guess you could say he has the Midas touch.