Rick McCrank Interview

Rick McCrankTalent. Hardwork. Makes anything look easy.

With all the hype around the millennium, do you think something will happen on December 31, 1999? No. I think it’s just gonna be people having fun.

What do you have planned for that night? I’ll just see what happens – hang out with my family.

Who are the most important skaters of the 90s? Guy Mariano, Danny Way, Mark Gonzales, Jason Lee, all the Blind guys in the Video Days video. Colin McKay rips, Jeremy Wray going bigger, Eric Koston.

Who is Alan Gelfand? I know the name, but I can’t think of it right now.

He invented the ollie. Oh yeah, that’s it.

How do you want to go down in skateboarding’s history? Nothing.

Who do you think will change skateboarding in the future? Maybe Arto Saari.