Rising And Shining

After the Billabong team’s recent road trip in Nova Scotia, I tagged along with them to picturesque Cabo San Lucas, Mexico-out of the heavy jackets and into trunks! Our crew consisted of Chad Bartie, Jereme Rogers, Ben Gore, and Marius Syvanen. Mike Peterson was originally on the vacay, but he had to bow out because of an injury sustained in Nova Scotia. He insisted he was okay for this trip, but I wasn’t buying it.
After the loss of Peterson, I figured one more player would be ideal in case we encountered another mishap. I had to find a way to persuade Marius’ mom to allow him to come on board. After kidnapping him out of school for the trip to Nova Scotia, what TM wouldn’t feel bad taking him out again? Who wants the feeling of your guy failing classes and a bitter mom while you’re down in Cabo Miami Vice-ing it? But then I asked her when she thought Marius would get the chance to be in Cabo again, all expenses paid. She bought it.
Ben Gore was there first, waiting patiently with a road soda in one hand when our trusty guide Jamey Stone, Bartie, and I arrived. We were itching for road sodas, too-the perfect beverage of choice for those hot Cabo conditions. If you never wear shorts, Cabo will change your mind-right, O’Meally?
After loading our bus, we were off to the next terminal to pick up the rest of the crew. I did a head count and realized I was coming up a little short on heads: O’Meally and Art the filmer were there, but Jereme wasn’t. The boys said they didn’t see a Mr. Rogers on their flight from L.A. Of course! He missed the flight. But no worries, we’re in Cabo!
We picked up our rental transportation and got checked in to the hotel. Along the way, our trusty guide Stone pointed out all sorts of spots-some were rugged, while others looked like you had to stimulate your mind and let your creativity take over. Once we got to the hotel and checked in, my phone rang. Imagine who that was. Mr. Rogers with his lady. After the phone call, I had to let the boys know what was up, and they had no problems hanging at the pool waiting for Jereme and his girl to arrive.

The crew woke up at a normal skate time and we were out the door. But we forgot that Cabo hits about 100 degrees by 11:00 a.m.-exactly the time we were leaving. We drove to some spots, cleaned ’em out, and a few boys tried to skate. But it was tortuously hot. So we decided to go back to the hotel and go body surfing in the ocean, while the others elected for the pool and more Miami Vice-ing. I forgot that the jewelry salesmen on the beach sell a lot more than jewelry. They specialize in all kinds of sales and they make sure you know.
Our meet-up time became 5:00 p.m.-it’s much cooler in the early evening. But we knew we couldn’t venture too far before the darkness descended. On our second night during dinner, we figured out how to make this skate trip happen: Wake up at 5:00 a.m. every morning and be skating by 7:00 a.m. at the latest. And if you can’t manage to wake up, the rest of the crew would see you at the pool around noon.

This was the day of our first wake-up call and it was on! We were smart about the day: cooler, water, broom, and a shovel. That’s what you need to make things happen in Cabo’s heat and rugged conditions. Thank god for having guys with me who adapt to any environment to make sh-t happen: Bartie’s got that ATV mentality, Ben Gore is filled with creativity and familiar with the heat coming from Miami as he does, Marius is always ready, and Mr. Rogers never hesitates to take skating to the next level.
After getting the tools for a perfect trip, we went back to a ledge in front of an old lady’s house. Everyone was shredding and having fun until someone broke the ledge, and from there, we couldn’t understand what the old lady was screaming, but I think she wanted us to leave (and she wanted our money too). Her son seemed pretty hyped, but I didn’t think he was calling his friends to tell them about us-I think it was the po-po. I gave the lady some twenties and we broke out with a dumbass pi§ata on the roof of the SUV.
We went to a few more spots we’d checked out earlier, but they weren’t all that we’d thought they were. They were way too rough-not even Bartie wanted anything to do with them. Fortunately, there was a really fun hill nearby where everyone nearly got hit by cars while trying to do the longest manuals down. Then Marius found a fat slappy bar to skate, but I ended up busting my ankle on the damn thing. I blamed Marius for that. Stone went down at the same spot-this time, it was a wrist!
After the sodas and Vices went down, we were feeling no pain and went back to the hotel. After that afternoon of actually getting things done, we were burnt and decided to go surfing. I was up and ready to go, but my ankle wasn’t too ready for much other than a Vice and some pool time. So Stone, Bartie, O’Meally, and Art headed over-I was bitter because Bartie bet me I couldn’t surf.

After another rugged wake-up call, we managed to beat the heat, getting things done with a crowd lurking as our crew handled business. We went to a few spots in the evening, but they were too trife and another spot had a soccer game going on. But the boys knew it was our last day, so we did some serious planning. It was heated at 6:30 a.m., but Marius and Ben still managed to take it to the next level. Even a crowd of young screaming kids couldn’t distract Ben from his beastly kickflip into the local ditch. And Marius had the most rugged ollie around on Art’s filming board, because the landing was too rough. Bartie just chilled because he had already wreaked havoc at every spot and J. Rogers was waiting to get to the soccer field and handle biz.
All in all, it was a proper trip, even if some of us got broke-but getting broke comes with the game. Nobody wanted to leave our little Cabo visit, but it was time. In a fitting end to a trip filled with heat, exhaustion, and slams, I took a different kind of slam at our last supper-face first, right onto the dinner table.