Road Life

As a photographer, I’ve had the good fortune to spend a lot of time on the road, and just recently I realized the impact traveling has had on my life and on my work. The photos you’ll see in the following pages are from my recent adventure in the eastern part of the United States. I went to Woodward Skate Camp, traveled around the Northeast, and sat in on the Foundation Summer Tour.

Prior to my realization, I considered myself nothing more than a photo nerd who liked to collect new toys¿cameras are not tools but toys to me. All I cared about was shooting photos of people, and if those people happened to be skateboarding, that was even better. But while I was on this trip, I reached a nirvana of sorts, suddenly realizing just how important documentary photography is to me. So it was on this trip that I applied my new approach to my work by documenting my life and the lives of those around me. I wasn’t sure if TransWorld was going to like my newfound perspective, but it didn’t matter, because what I shot, I shot for myself.

These photos represent the places I visited and the people I met. They are, in my opinion, accurate portrayals of what went down, and each photo acts like a container for an experience I shared with everyone who was there. It’s my hope that these photos, when placed together, become a photo essay, telling a story about life as a documentary photographer, traveling and hanging out with people who share one common love … skateboarding. It’s that simple.