Sammy Baptista

Interview By Slacker Shad

Hey, remember that interview I did with you?


The cassette recorder didn’t record right, so we’ve gotta do it again. Are you bummed?

Nah. That’s cool.

A’ight. Ummmm, who do you skate with?

Jesse Silvey, Pablo Favella, and Jason Phillips.

How did you hook up with your sponsors?

I just lived in SB Santa Barbara, so I just knew all the peeps who ran Shorty’s and shit.

They just saw you skating or something?

Yeah, like before it was like even a company we were already on.

Do you feel more pressure to skate because you’re an amateur?

No, it’s just skating, it’s still hella fun to me. If I’m busting a trick it isn’t like work to go get a sequence or something, you know? It’s just fun to me.

Is turning pro one of your goals?

Oh yeah, definitely.

Do you think you’re going to have to come out with a super video part or something to turn pro?

It’s gotta be all-around. Like a dope video part, and you gotta have all kinds of shit come out¿like pay your dues and stuff.

Do you ever get hounded for product by kids who know you’re sponsored?

Oh yeah. That’s like the main thing at demos and stuff. “Hey, gimme your board, gimme your board! Do you guys got any stickers, shirts, or anything?” It’s like they’re not even stoked to see you skate, they just want free stuff.

Does that bum you out, or is that just how it is?

I don’t know, it kind of sucks because it would be dope for them to be hyped on the skating, but they’re just like “whatever.”

So who’s coming up?

Dylan Gardner, J.P. Jadeed, and Jason Phillips.

You’re sixteen, are you drivin’ yet?

Oh wait, add two names to that list. Anthony Poppalardo and Brian Wenning.

Yeah, those kids are crazy good, huh?

Yeah, they get up at like eight in the morning to go skate, it’s f¿kin’ crazy.

So do you have a car lined up or anything?

Yeah, my brother is giving me a CRX, so I’m pretty stoked.

Uhhhh, we should mention sponsors, right?

Shorty’s Skateboards, Circa Footwear, Spitfire Wheels, Venture Trucks, and Brothers Boards.