Seattle Sausages

Let me first start off by saying that road trips don’t always go the way you plan them. You, the kids at home, might think you just get pro skaters in a van, hit city to city, spot to spot, and all the skaters will rip like a pair of old crusty underwear. You always think they’ll land their cutting-edge tricks first try and get wet over every single spot they go to. You must be really gullible if you think that. I could probably sell you a solar-powered flashlight or sand in the desert.

The road trip was an NC Clothing trip. The van was a Suburban truck. The pro skaters were Gershon Mosely, Gideon Choi, Jerry Hsu, Paul Sharpe, and Jason Masse. The sausages were Chris Avery (filmer), Adrian Nyman (team manager/driver), and me (photocop). The spots were San Jose, San Francisco, Portland, and Tacoma. Some spots, if any at all, weren’t the best. I’ll save your precious time by giving you the short version.

First spot¿San Jose! Paul Sharpe has some Rice Krispy pop. Switch ollies over a shopping cart off flatground and Smith grinds on waist-high bars.

Second spot¿San Francisco! The new EMB. Jerry Hsu pulled a switch backside tailslide to shove-it from low to high. A special treat to you kids, it was first (and every single) damn try. Undercover cops came and gave about fifteen kids tickets. I, the lucky one, was shooting a photo of the clock and wasn’t paying any damn attention to the cockblocker. He even took my board away from me and walked about ten feet, only to turn around to give it back. No tickets, no board taken away, nothing. Just good shots of the new EMB. For Adrian, however, it sucked donkey dick. Count his tickets:

1. A parking ticket.

2. A skating ticket, and he wasn’t even skating.

3. A speeding ticket, and we weren’t even out of California yet. Adrian was collecting them as if they were Pokemon cards.

Third spot¿Portland, Oregon! Not too exciting. We met up and skated with Jamie Fortune, then found a spot that Chip Vanham skated, but none of the sausages had a clue what I was talking about.

Fourth spot¿Tacoma, Washington! We found the only handrail in town and sessioned it with the local kids. We also skated a skatepark where Gershon, very machine-like, destroyed it. We pushed around a school that looked like a church.

The ride back¿It wasn’t as fun as a Disneyland ride, but it was one we can laugh about. An awesome fifteen-hour drive straight back home to the L.A. area. I never knew what hemorrhoids were until it felt like I was sitting on two basketballs. Adrian drove all the way home, dropping off Jerry and Chris in San Jose. I think Adrian drank his body weight in Red Bulls. This guy had like one in each hand pounding them until we arrived home.

My recollection of the trip:

1. Driving a lot … I mean a lot!2. What the hell was I thinking!3. Portland, Oregon? WHY!?4. Seattle, Washington? NEVER MADE IT!5. Skaters, a.k.a. sausages.6. Jerry Hsu¿This was the first time I met him. Very funny guy.7. Gershon Mosely¿Very machine-like.8. Gideon Choi¿High-jump.9. Jason Masse¿Middle seat in the Suburban all the way.10. Paul Sharpe¿Switch ollie over the shopping cart.11. Chris Avery¿Team motivator.12. Adrian Neiman¿Tickets and Red Bull.13. Seu Trinh¿Same outfit for a week straight.

Lists of skate photosGershon Mosley crooked grind sequence Sea-Tac, Washington.Jerry Hsu nollie backside tailslide sequence Tacoma, Washington.Gideon Choi backside 180 ollie Tacoma, Washington.Jason Masse frontside tailslide Portland, Oregon.