Setup: Alex Chalmers

I ride an 8 1/2 by 33-inch board with a fifteen-inch wheelbase. I like the Flip board called the Hate, Kill, Destroy model, it's pretty much the only board I've ridden since I've been on Flip. Before that I used to ride the Toy Machine board that was just as big. I started skating in the 80s, when boards were wider, so now I ride big boards because they feel a lot more comfortable.
I feel more comfortable on a wide board with wide trucks, so I ride 850 Furys, and my wheels are Triumph 58s. My bushings are just the standard Fury bushings. Bolts, whatever, Shorty's are the best, because they sink into the board best. I try to get Swiss bearings off Paul Machnau if I can. I'll use whatever tape RDS or the Boarding House give me.
I have a particular way of setting my board up. I usually forget which is front truck and which is the back, but eventually I get it figured out. I put it together the same way every time, and that's all I really care about. In the summer a board will last me four or five days, in the winter it's more like two weeks–there's not that much to skate in Vancouver in the winter. I go through about a half-dozen sets of trucks a year. I change my wheels every three or four boards.–as told to Skin