Setup ¿ Andrew Reynolds

What the pros ride and why.

I ride a Birdhouse board, my model. The size of my wheelbase is 14.3. The length is 32 inches; the width is 7.88. The tail is 6.63, and the nose is 6.94. It’s Birdhouse’s M-80 concave. It’s got pop.

Every time I set up a new board I put new wheels on. I ride 54 millimeter Birdhouse wheels–always white. I ride Swiss bearings with the caps popped off. They’re way better–they last forever. I use the same ones all the time.

I ride Independent trucks–136. If I get rid of my entire board, I’ll put new Indys on, but barely ever.

There’s nothing special about setting my board up. Usually if I skate three days in a week, I’ll change it. But it’s not necessarily three days in a row. It could be two weeks where I’ll only skate three times.

I have my own shoe coming out with Emerica real soon. I designed everything. I started out with a pen and paper and drew it. They made the first samples, and I told them what I wanted to fix. So now it’s perfect for my skating. Hopefully kids will like it, too.–as told to Tania Moyron