Setup ¿ Gershon Mosley

My board is 7 5/8 inches wide and 31 1/2 inches long. I like skinnier boards ’cause they’re functional for the way I like to skate. My board flips really good, and I can skate it on a mini ramp or whatever. I have size-nine feet, so it works perfect. I like the nose and tail a little steeper. I set up a new board probably every three days, because I either break them or they don’t feel right. It depends on how much I’m skating, too.

I’m riding wheels made by a new company called Redline–my friend Eric Lantos started it with Paul Zitzer and Scott Waters. I ride 52-millimeter wheels. Unless I want to try different things, I pretty much set up the same setup all the time. Lately, I haven’t been changing my wheels that much, like probably once every two weeks. They have to be white wheels; I don’t really like colorful wheels that much. I’m trying different bearings right now, so I don’t really have any particular brand that I’ve been riding.

I ride Venture 5.0 trucks–Featherlights, or Ultralights, or whatever they call them right now. I like their low center of gravity. They’re stable for how thin the trucks are, and they fit my board pretty good. I weigh more than a lot of people I know, so people say I ride my trucks tight, but to me they’re pretty much medium. I try not to change them too much, probably once a month. If I get a good set of trucks, I don’t change them unless I break them. I don’t ride riser pads.

I just put it together and go ride it. I’m not into all the extras. Sometimes I put on stickers, but I usually don’t.–as told to Tania