If we had a sequence of anyone other than Bob Burnquist doing a switch kickflip Indy 360 on vert, we’d probably write a caption like, “Holy crap! Can you believe this?” Bob’s made the mistake of being too good too often, and now he gets lame apology captions. Sorry Bob.

This sequence has something for everyone. For skaters it has a textbook kickflip frontside noseslide. For non-skaters it’s a sequence of one of the characters from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. For non-skating girls, it’s a sequence of Andrew Reynolds’ ass. Everyone wins.

Once Joel spelled Stefan’s name wrong in the magazine, and Stefan’s mom called and made Joel cry. For the record: Stefan Janoski, switch heelflip.

If the common cold was an empty swimming pool, Omar Hassan would find a cure. Ollie-grab-in at the Basic Pool.

Colt Cannon has one of those names that journalists (and pretend journalists) love. Here’s why: Colt Cannon takes the safety off and blasts a bulls-eye of a frontside half-Cab heelflip. Lame, huh?

Thrasher magazine named Geoff Rowley as its Skater of the Year, despite the fact that he doesn’t live in the Bay Area. That’s almost as crazy as frontside 180 nosegrind down a waist-high ten-stair concrete banister.

Like father like son. Tosh Townend’s dad Pete was the surfing’s world champ in 1976, and it’s looking like young Tosh (pictured here doing a feeble grind in L.A.) could be headed toward similar glory. Wait a minute, their is no real world champ in skate. Nevermind.

Rick Howard is like the Rick Fox of skateboarding. Both are tall, rangy, explosive, utility players who may not always win player of the game, but who consistently contribute. Their only noticeable difference may be in the realm of facial hair, where Fox reigns supreme. Evening-time frontside boardslide.

One must wonder if Rodrigo’s grandparents know that the American skateboard media, in their ultimate laziness and inability to properly research anything, have massacred the Teixeira family name, referring to him as TX. Carney, Mesa, Phelps, Patterson, Whiteley, pull your heads out of your asses and start earning your money. K/F L/S in S.D., CA.

Tyler Hansen gets loose with a kickflip backside 50-50.

… And here is where we randomly insert the phrase ‘amazing skater’. No reason, it just seems to work near photos of Marc Johnson doing fifteen-foot backside 180 nosegrinds.

While in Tokyo, Danny Montoya Montoya’d a three-flat-four.

Did you know that as vast as the Roman Empire became (covering almost all of Europe, Asia Minor, and the Mediterranean), the Romans never successfully invaded Scotland? The ancestors of John Rattray kept Rome and its bloody aqueduct, roads, sewers, and education systems south of Hadrian’s Wall. Highland-style frontside noseslide.

Greg Harris backside Smith grinds a railing that most likely belongs to the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Once famous for its Pipeline Skatepark which contained the original Combi Pool, Upland, California is now a street skater’s wet dream, complete with dozens of little concrete schools and year-round warm weather. Danny Garcia, noseblunt slides in paradise.

West Coast Willy Santos frontside tailslides at the 56 Banks.

After heelflipping a gap, Chris Dobstaff crooked grinds across a picnic table in San Ysidro, California.

Sweet panoramic photo of Tim Bruns doing a feeble on a shopping-cart corral in L.A.

Kareem Campbell has more style in his whole body than most people do in their little finger. Wait a minute … strike that … reverse it. Double-set kickflip.