Skate Slang – 20.1

skurge-A large amount of freaks, bums, or just straight ghetto dudes. “Man, I think Huntington Beach might have more skurge than Oceanside.”

gnar boots-Describes something really crazy or gnarly. “Homie mobbed up all gnar boots and just back liped that rail.”

smubba-A small Hubba or a low ledge. “He’s been bragging about how he backside tailslid this Hubba, but it’s molre like a smubba.”

boob job-When your weight is super far forward and you slam and slide on your boobs. “Dude, I think I might need some Band-aids after that boob job.”

hot pocket-When your board lands sideways on its trucks, like a Primo but at more of an angle. “I put my gnar boots on and tried a 50-50 on that smubba, but I landed hot pocket and got the gnarliest boob job.”