Absolut Claimers–Tricks people claim they're going to do when they're tilted at the bar.

Example: “You should have heard the Absolut Claimers coming out of Tim's mouth last night! Dude was claimin' BSNBS down the Hollywood sixteen!”

firecracker–Rolling off a set of stairs and smacking every stair on the way down with your tail.

Example: “Dude! Griffin pulled the loudest firecracker down a twelve-stair yesterday!”

fader–The technique used when cops roll up on a skate session and you just slowly fade away from the scene to avoid a ticket.

Example: “We all got tickets, but somehow Todd pulled a fader around the corner and got away.”

camper–People who bring boards to a spot, but just sit down and don't skate.

Example: “We went to Beverly and there was more campers than skaters. Dudes seriously should've just pitched a tent.”

carthritis–A rapidly spreading disease caused by sitting in a car for too long thus wrecking your ability to skate.

Example: “We drove to S.F. and tried to skate Pier Seven, but my carthritis was acting up, so I just camped.”