Skate To Medicate

Skate To Medicate

Buy the cheeseburger-it’s only 99 cents.

Order in-across the street is too far.

Smoke a cigarette-it’ll take the edge off.

Lie-it’s usually harmless anyway.

Take the pill to lose the weight-exercising is too much effort.

Cheat-it’s easy, and you can.

Go shopping-it’ll fill the void.

Have a drink-it’ll calm you down.

Drive through-parking is such a hassle.

Eat one more-it will always taste better than the first one.

Swallow the medication-seventeen side-effects aren’t bad as long as you rid yourself of this one.

Life is short and far from easy. Why not feel good the few years we’re here? All we want is to feel good-especially us Americans. The stresses of school, work, money, relationships, social situations, and time constraints often send us into a whirlwind of self-deteriorating habits-habits we’re easily subjected to due to our general laziness.

NASCAR-the country’s most popular “sport”-involves sitting to watch those who partake in it. Fast food like McDonald’s and Taco Bell is made available anytime, anywhere, and with every possible option. Pharmecutical companies’ drugs not only make up a large portion of television advertising these days, but their public stocks are the most fluctuating on the market due to the hype surrounding what might be the new “miracle” pill. Martha Stewart can tell you about that one.

We consume consumption as we search for that temporary fix-that instant gratification. We mask symptoms-forgetting about alleviating problems. Never do we hear, “An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.” We gorge ourselves because it feels good, yet are dumbfounded when we discover we’re diseased down the road.

With that said, the next time you think about popping in that video, go out and actually skate instead. Life is short, and your skate life is even shorter. Skateboarding might be our quick cure-and if it’s going to hurt you, it will do it right away, not years down the road. Riding away from things like a backside tailslide will forever instantly gratify, and unlike eating a hot dog, every next one will always feel as good as the first.-Eric Stricker