Skateboarding Gets The Stamp Of Approval

Ask any stockbroker, and they’ll tell you as soon as the public knows about a good thing it’s no longer a good thing. Following that line of logic, it could be argued that by the time skateboarding is recognized by an entity the size of the United States Postal Service, it’s already on the downward slope from its peak popularity.

Anyway, skateboarding is being recognized by the U.S. Post Office in series of stamps depicting the images of a skateboarder, a BMXer, a snowboarder, and an inline skater. The photo of the skater (who hasn’t been dead for ten years – the standard rule in order to have your likeness printed on a stamp) was shot by none other than TransWorld’s own J. Grant Brittain, adding yet another accomplishment to his list of many.

The post office plans to print and distribute 152-million of the stamps, which will appear this summer in conjunction with this year’s Summer X-Games to be held in San Francisco.