Slipping Through the Cracks

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Slipping Through The Cracks

By Pete Thompson

J. Grant Britain is the photo editor at TWS. He's also our hero. The dude seriously looks at hundreds of photos each and every day. I think it's also safe to say that his dreams (or nightmares) are probably back-lit by a light table, laced with kickflips, riddled with sequences, whirring sounds of motor-drives, and squinting into a red-hot loupe.

Grant sees what you don't, gets more phone calls than anyone else, sends film out to photographers, and still manages to take a lunch hour and make it to the urinal when he really needs to. He can widdle 300 photos down to 50. Not easy–not in the least bit.

There are still 250 photos left–some are used for ads, others are put aside for a future interview, and then there're the ones that just slip through the cracks. It's not that they're bad photos, more like casualties. Here's an example of what you might've missed. It's all for the cause of perhaps letting Grant go to the men's room one more time.–Pete Thompson