South African Fried Eggs

South African Fried Eggs

by Atiba Jefferson

On the following pages you’ll find a series of photos captured on a recent Girl tour in the beautiful country of South Africa. The visiting tourists on the trip were Rick “Lion-Cub Trainer” Howard, Mike “Have You Seen My Malaria Pills?” Carroll, Eric “Polaroid King” Koston, Rick “Skatepark Tamer” McCrank, Ty “Put That Cypress Hill Tape Back In” Evans, and me, the photographer. The trip started in the city of Johannesburg, and then went to beach towns Durban and Capetown. We had one free day in the Las Vegas of South Africa, called Sun City, and then ended up back in Johannesburg.

The tour was guided by Clayton¿one of the many distributors who directed our voyage. The distributors tossed us to the demo and shop-appearance lions, so free time was an endangered species. But we did have a couple days where were we got to pet the lions and hunt for street spots.

We spent most of the time cruising around in cars, listening to Souls Of Mischief or Cypress Hill, and if we weren’t doing that, we were flying to three different cities and demoing for kids. This was the first time these guys had been to South Africa, so all the kids were psyched to see their favorite pro rip their local parks. Throughout the trip, the rain seemed to follow us, so we got a couple of chances to sharpen our rock climbing and bowling skills in the malls. Capetown was the highlight of the trip because we got to hang out with a mad cool local named Brett. He was psyched when everyone on the trip tossed eggs, honey, yogurt, powdered milk, light bulbs, and Red Bull at his car from another car on the freeway.

The tour lasted for two weeks, and everything went well¿there were no injuries or cases of malaria. So put on a safari hat and get your malaria shots, because you’re going to South Africa with the Girl team.