Speak 21#12

Speak 21#12

TransWorld SKATEboarding

Volume 21 Number 12

file: Speak


Never Grow Old

I remember when I first started riding my skateboard. It was the early 80s and my Steve Caballero board was practically bigger than I was and so cumbersome. I'd skate for miles in the heat, just to meet up with friends. We'd skate the double-sided curb at Pomona First Federal for hours on the weekends. Thank god CircleK was right there, or someone might've died from heat exhaustion. I look back now and think how crazy of a time it was to skate. There were no skateparks in the desert–only sand and lots of it. We'd push halfway across town just to skate a sketchy little spot. It might've only been a three-stair, a small planter, a red-painted curb, or even the stage at the middle school, but those were our spots. We wouldn't even think twice about not skating.

Hindsight is definitely twenty-twenty, because now it seems like going to skate a spot is so time-consuming and often agonizing: It's too hot outside. It's too far of a drive. Oh, someone is parked in front of the spot. The ground is rough. The landing is sketchy. The run-up is too short. There're cracks. My ankle hurts. My knee hurts–I think I need surgery. Excuses, excuses.

They're everywhere and I've heard every one of them. I've even been guilty of saying them before, too, but I guess my point is that for every excuse you find to stay off your board, bad timing and hesitation will seep into your skating. Both are a deadly combination for not pulling your favorite trick.

When you're young there's no hesitation–only thoughts of rolling away from that trick for the first time. Even if it takes 500 attempts. When you're not on your board, you're daydreaming about riding. And when you're riding, you're daydreaming about skating that next spot. Here's to skateboarding–the fountain of youth. Never grow old.–Eric Sentianin