Starting Point – 360 Flips

1. Some classic three flippers from back in the day are Jason Lee, Jovontae Turner, and Ocean Howell. Search out their video parts and study.

2. Present-day rulers of the tre-Daewon Song, Mike Carroll, Josh Kalis, Nate Jones, and Chris Cole-are good to look to as well.

3. A good catch with the front foot is what you’re looking for.

4. With that in mind, hang your back foot over the tail’s edge a bit-you have to scoop as you pop.

5. Remember to pop it! You don’t want a crop-duster/worm-burner 360 flip here.

6. Pop the board so it’ll spin a full 360 degrees, and add a slight toe flick so the flip gets in there.

7. This is the classic photo-op part of the trick-legs flared, board mid flip.

8. Here’s the front-foot-catch part-looks good, don’t it?

9. Set her down gently.

10. These take tons of practice to learn-some people never get them wired.

11. A perfectly landed 360 flip will make your whole day.

12. Take it down some stairs or up some Euro gaps.

13. Try it to manual or nose manual.

14. Put it down Wallenberg, and get famous!