Starting Point 50-50s On Handrails

50-50s On Handrails

With a little help from Jamie Thomas

*First make sure you can do 50-50s on tall ledges and round bars. Then step up to a small handrail, a’ight?

1. Approach the rail at a slight angle with moderate speed¿do not go super slow. A harsh angle and slow speed usually result in damaged goods.

2. Understand that when you start your ollie, you’re not trying to get on the very top where the handrail starts. You usually try to get on a few stairs down.

3. Concentrate on getting both trucks on the rail and staying centered over your board.

4. Once your trucks are on, you should stand up and try to maintain your balance.

5. Once you lock it in and are centered, you pretty much have it.

6. To pop off, just push off your tail or even pop an ollie.

7. Extend your legs to absorb the impact.

8. Land straight and bend your legs.

9. Roll away, find a bigger rail.