Starting Point – Crailslide By Chris Senn

1. The crailslide is a timeless trick. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do one without it looking good.

2. The first thing you’ll want to do is learn frontside tailslides-then after that, the crailslide is pretty basic.

3. Approach the lip at sort of a frontside grind slash speed and slide your tail up the tranny about a foot below the coping.

4. As your back truck hits the lip, grab your nose with your back hand and whip your board into a tailslide. Now hold on and push your back foot as the board slides on its tail. Grabbing your nose, whipping the board into a tailslide, and pushing your back foot on the board are all done in one smooth motion.

5. When you’re done sliding, let her go and drop back in.

6. I prefer crailslides in pools, but a frontside crail on a rail just sounds good. Good luck.-Chris Senn