Stephan Janoski

Tell me who your sponsors are.

Venture trucks, and I’m getting boards from Expedition.

What happened to Think?

It just didn’t … I’d just rather be on Expedition.

Are you gonna move down here San Diego or something?

No, we just got approved for this house up in Sacramento, so I’m just gonna stay up here, but I want to go down there and skate a lot.

How long have you been sponsored?

Not even a year¿maybe eight or nine months.

Who was your first sponsor?


How did that get hooked up?

I was at this demo, and my friends showed the Venture team manager my little sponsor-me video, and he gave me some trucks right there at the demo. Later on I called for some more trucks, and because Venture and Think are together they started sending me boards, and I eventually just got on.

Do you think being sponsored has helped your skateboarding?

Yeah, it’s helped a lot. Free stuff, ya know? The more free boards you get, the better you can get.

So, eight months ago you were paying for boards?

Yeah laughs. Paying for them, or just getting them however I could. Getting ’em from Mike Rafter, or whoever was sponsored who could give me boards.

Did you end up riding a lot of hand-me-downs?

Oh yeah. Lots of used boards. There’s this company called Legend up in Sacramento, it’s just this guy making boards out of his garage. My friend rode for them, and he’d give me his used Legend boards.

Do you want to turn pro?

Probably some day. But I haven’t really thought about it in the near future.

How do you pay for stuff? Do you have a job?

I don’t have a job right now, I’m pretty broke. I’ve been broke for a while. I need to get a job, actually.

What was your last job?

It was a little cashier job at a café.

What kind of job would you want next?

I have no idea.

So how do you buy food?

Whatever. Sometimes I’ll sell a board or some stuff for money¿just enough for food. But now I have to pay rent, so I gotta get a job.

Who do you skate with up there?

Brandon Biebel, my friend Kyle Leaper, Mike Rafter, and just a bunch of my friends who live up there.

How old are you?


Does Sacramento have a good skate scene?

Yeah, Sacramento’s sick! It has lots of spots, and no one really knows about Sacramento.

Did you grow up there?

No, I’m from Vacaville.

How long have you lived in Sacto?

Almost two years.

Why’d you move?

Pretty much for skating. Vacaville’s a small town, and no one skates there at all. I just needed to get up somewhere I could skate every day with people who were serious about it.

Do you enter lots of contests?

I went to Tampa.

How was the contest?

It was fun. I flat choked, though. I choked on my run, bailed every trick.

There’s a lot of pressure in Tampa.

Yeah. I thought I was gonna deal with the pressure well, but when it came down to it, they called my name, and I just kind of froze up. I didn’t land one trick my whole run.