Stephane Larance – Good Stuff

They say it’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game, and nobody gets down with the tenacity of Stephane Larance. It doesn’t matter where you might find him; over stairs, on ledges, or up some random transitions, Stephane will execute all with style and precision guaranteed. Inspect any film or photos of him, and without a doubt everything is in its proper place, even his shirt will seem wrinkled to perfection. If you’ve ever wondered what Michael Jordan has been doing in his retirement from the NBA, he’s riding a skateboard under the assumed name of Stephane Larance.

I first met Stephane a few years back during his second trip to the States. Over the next couple of years, we’d hook up on a few occasions and go skate together. I knew this kid was a natural from the get go. His ability to float though lines seemed so effortless, and watching it all go down served as testimony. He was gonna emerge someday, and I wanted to be a part of that.

Down the road we started Expedition One. Stephane was the first and only phone call I was concerned about. He’s a quiet and modest person who lets his skills speak loudly, and that’s why my man defines the words professional athlete.

With some of the world’s best natural skateboard terrain right outside his back doorstep, Stephane calls Paris, France his home. It’s funny, but over in Europe it seems like he’s the ambassador to the “E,” and when the team goes over there it’s all about the red carpet. He’ll make his way here to the US of A two or three times a year to put in his work, which always comes off as smooth as that bald head. No matter how long his stay last out here, it will never satisfy the demand for Stephane. That’s why I’m always trying to hide his ticket home. – Alphonzo Rawls