Sun Over Arizona

by Jon Humphries

It’s always nice to escape the rainy days of Oregon and have a summer vacation in January.

In Portland it rains on average 151 days out of the year, so close to half the year is made up of rain¿36 inches a year of rain is what I just read. Most of this precipitation happens throughout the winter months, leaving a beautiful summer as long as one can make it through the winter.

I can’t make it through the winter without a number of vacations to get healed by the sunshine.

Arizona is always a nice change of atmosphere in the winter for me. It probably rains five to fifteen days a year there, so it’s sunny nearly every day.

I was headed to Phoenix, Arizona with the Adidas team on a mission to do some ads and ended up staying another week, not looking forward to heading home to the rain. My good friend Andy decided to be my tour guide, as well as my hotel. Over the next week, I tried to shoot as many photos as I could before I left.

The scene in Phoenix is a growing one with tons of spots to be found. Luckily, Andy is always on the prowl to find new places to skate.

Phoenix is only six hours’ driving from Los Angeles and about one-hour plane flight. It seems like as more spots become unskateable in Los Angeles and San Diego, people are headed to places like Phoenix. One Saturday we ventured off to Tucson to find even more spots to shoot photos and get backed by the sun. Tucson had a lot of concentrated spots all within ten blocks of each other. The crew of Bohna, Greco, Heyl, Thomas, Coppalman, and many others proceeded to skate as hard as they could until the sun went down.

Departure from the sun was set for the next day, as I was on my way back to winter, just like it should be in January.