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What was the raddest thing you saw this weekend?

Rob Dotson: It would have to be Andrew Reynolds’ frontside flip over the pyramid to the ground, and Rodrigo Teixeira’s kickflip noseslide down the rail, killing it. Some crazy skateboarding going on.

Rob Dyrdek: Everything Sean Sheffey did, from his switch backside flips and switch backside lipslides to pulling down his pants, showing his jockstrap, and whipping a beer onto the ground. He managed to almost get it together and switch 50-50 the rail at the end.

Sean Sheffey: Tony Hawk’s appearance here.

Rick Howard: Tony Hawk riding on Sean Sheffey’s back.

Tony Hawk: So many people here just for skateboarding, the excitement level, and the skating. Just the whole thing, and every year it gets bigger and better. It’s always here and it’s always ‘core, and I love it. That’s why I came to watch, I can’t stay away. The best trick I saw was probably Rick McCrank doing the nosegrind over the pyramid¿that was pretty ridiculous.

Brian Schaefer: Rick McCrank is always a crowd pleaser. I love Sean Sheffey, but he’s always getting a little crazy. I like seeing Tony Hawk here, that’s a real treat. Koston’s always a treat. The CKY2K and Tampa Am videos were a highlight because I hadn’t seen them up until the premiere.

Kareem Campbell: Pretty much McCrank’s ollie over the pyramid to nosegrind. That’s precision right there.

Lance Mountain: I don’t know, I think McCrank’s nosegrind down the thing. It’s always just the skating that I like. Yeah, that’s it.

Rick McCrank: The raddest thing I saw was just the respect from all the skaters¿the audience. Especially for Floridian Mike Peterson. I think this is one of my favorite contests just because it’s all about having fun skating, and not the money.