Tangent, Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom Huck Jam North America Tour 2002

Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom Huck Jam North America Tour 2002

I don’t know what “Boom Boom Huck Jam” means, but I do know that there’re places you don’t want to stand while the boom boomin’ and huck jammin’ is going on. Does the term, “innocent bystander” mean anything to you? Imagine a roller-coaster ride with skateboarders, BMXers, and moto-crossers all flying around on it at the same time, but nobody’s running into each other … hopefully. It’s a sight to see and hear-it’s loud.

Tony gathered skaters Bucky Lasek, Andy Mac, Lincoln Ueda, Shaun White; BMXers Dave Mirra, Mat Hoffman, Kevin Robinson; and motocrossers Carey Hart, Clifford Adoptante, and Mike Cinqmars (note: the lineup may change due to “mishaps in synchronization”).

Oh, there’re also bands backing up the crazy action: the Offspring, face to face, Social Distortion, CKY, Good Charlotte, and DEVO … DEVO!!!! Sponsored by Activision, PlayStation 2, MTV, Squeez ‘n’ Go Portable Pudding (insert own joke here), the tour starts in early October and runs into November, so get there and don’t get hurt!-Grant Brittain

For a full Boom Boom Huck Jam tour schedule, go to boomboomhuckjam.com.