Ten 5 Scott Bourne

Ten 5 Scott Bourne

TransWorld SKATEboarding

Volume 21 #11

File: Ten 5–Scott Bourne

10 Top 5

Scott Bourne

Pro skaters list their all-time favorites.

Skaters All Time

1. Neil Blender.

2. Jason Jessee.

3. Mark Gonzales.

4. Andy Roy.

5. John Cardiel.

Skaters 2002

1. Tony Trujillo.

2. Justin Strubing.

3. Geoff Rowley.

4. Howard Cooke.

5. John Rattray.

Books (Fiction) All Time

1. Lawrence Durrell–The Alexandria Quartet.

2. Henry Miller–Tropic Of Capricorn.

3. Herman Hessee–Steppenwolf.

4. Oscar Wilde–The Picture Of Dorian Gray.

5. James Baldwin–Giovanni's Room.


Books (Nonfiction) All Time

1. Jack Black–You Can't Win.

2. Eric Hoffer–The Nature Of Mass Movements.

3. Denis Brian–The Voice Of Genius.

4. Ralph Waldo Emerson–Self Reliance And Other Essays.

5. National Geographic.


Skate Spots

1. Top of Haight to the end of Market–nonstop.

2. The streets of Paris–lost in the maze of European architecture.

3. Jersey barriers on the waterfront of SF.

4. Australian skateparks, any one of them equals chaos.

5. Anywhere doing slappies with Dennis McGrath.


Skate Videos

1. Streets Of Fire.

2. Video Days.

3. Hokus Pokus.

4. F–ktards.

5. First Consolidated video–Andy Roy.



1. Mike Watt–Contemplating The Engine Room.

2. Van Morrison–Tupelo Honey/Astral Weeks

3. Leonard Cohen–anything and everything.

4. Joni Mitchell–Blue.

5. Bruce Springsteen–Nebraska.


1. Last Tango In Paris.

2. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.

3. Casablanca.

4. Apocalypse Now.

5. Joe Gould's Secret.

Five Things Left To Do

1. Live.

2. Forgive everyone and myself.

3. Write a novel.

4. Die.

5. Do it all again.


1. Neil Blender–beautiful, comical.

2. Jason Jessee–frontside ollies, lazy, loveable.

3. Jay Adams–the boy, long hair, no cares.

4. Howard Cooke–pure passion, power, controlled, speed, love.

5. Sean Young–I can't explain it to you.