Ten Top 5 Tony Hawk

Ten Top 5 Tony Hawk
Pro skaters list their all-time favorites

Skaters Of All Time

1. Steve Caballero.2. Eddie Elguera.3. Rodney Mullen.4. Tony Alva.5. Bob Burnquist.

Skaters 2002

1. Eric Koston.2. Bob Burnquist.3. Arto Saari.4. Kerry Getz.5. Brian Sumner.

Skate Videos

1. The Search For Animal Chin.2. Menikmati.3. One Step Beyond.4. The End.5. Sorry.


1. The Clash-London Calling.2. Beatles-Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.3. Jane’s Addiction-Nothing’s Shocking.4. AC/DC-Back In Black.5. Pixies-Doolittle.

Video Parts

1. Eric Koston-Menikmati.2. Heath Kirchart/Jeremy Klein-The End.3. Bob Burnquist-Menikmati.4. Andrew Reynolds-The End.5. Arto Saari-Sorry.

Five Things Left To Do

1. Raise my kids.2. Indy 9.3. Ollie 7.4. Stay home.5. Relax.


1. Fast Times At Ridgemont High.
2. Almost Famous.3. The Usual Suspects.4. Aliens.5. Starship Troopers. (So bad, it’s good.)

Skate Spots

1. Boom Boom ramp.2. My ramp.3. Woodward.4. Calgary.5. Louisville.


1. Chris Miller.2. Eric Koston.3. Alex Chalmers.4. Tony Trujillo.5. John Cardiel.

Electronic Gadgets

1. Titanium Powerbook.2. Twenty-gig iPod.3. Sony Clie.4. Sony DSC-P7 digital camera.5. Apple Cinema Display.