The Good Fight

Skateboarding converges on Houston, Texas to support a worthwhile cause.

On the surface, the Texas Skate Jam looks like just another infinitely ignorable stop on the never-ending skateboard-contest parade. But upon closer inspection, one realizes the Houston demo/contest is probably the most important, regardless of how much cash the big corporate sponsors have fronted for any of the three “world championships” for sale. Held each year at the SouthSide Skatepark, the Skate Jam donates all its proceeds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which helps kids with health problems realize their dreams. And the best part is that pro and amateur skaters come out in force to skate in the event not because they can win an SUV full of money and weed, but because they want to contribute to the lives of kids who seriously appreciate it.

This year a bunch of skate companies organized tours for their teams that ended at the Texas Skate Jam 2000. We sent photographers and writers along with the Aesthetics and Osiris teams to document the good deed that’s become skateboarding’s karma outlet.