The Kingdom Calendar

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Chris and Ricca Gentry have something for your wall! Yes, that’s right, the new 1999 Kingdom calendar. Each month has a full-page color photo of Chris and his better-half Ricca in different theme scenes. On each page Ricca, the star of the calendar, is wearing her sexy swimsuits with Chris usually chillin’ somewhere in the background. (Chris, don’t think we didn’t notice.) Every time you flip a page, you’ll find something new: it might be the hidden logo or the shotgun cane. The calendar also marks the birthdates of almost every pro, so you can send them a card.

What will you be doing June 12, 1999? I’ll be celebrating my favorite married couple’s four-year anniversary. But I think I’ll leave the calendar open to October all year round. Oh, October! I never thought waking up and knowing what day it is could be so good. To get your very own Kingdom calendar for only ten dollars call (949) 631-0508. Word!