Tony Trujillo Interview

Tony Trujillo

The millenium, computers crashing, food shortages – is it hype? Do you think anything will happen? No.

Just hype. I guess. Computer are retarded.

Do you have anything planned for that night? I’ll probably just be doing whatever I’m doing, anyway.

Who do you think are the most important skaters in the 90s? Oh man. Bob Burnquist, he came up. I don’t know, it’s hard to say.

Is there anyone that had an influence on you? Not really. I used to just skate. I didn’t really pay attention the whole pro thing. I can’t really look back and say who did it, because it was just everybody.

Do you know who Alan Gelfand is? Nuh, ua.

He’s the guy that invented the ollie. How would you want to go down in skateboarding’s history? Like one of the outcast. Someone who didn’t care about money, or anything.

Who do you think is going to change skateboarding in the future? Brian Anderson, that’s the guy. I think he’s going to change a lot of things, definitely.