Top Five Jeremy Wray

Top Five

Jeremy Wray

Professional Skateboarding Artists

1. Mark Gonzales.

2. Natas Kaupas.

3. Neil Blender.

4. Ed Templeton.

5. Lance Mountain.

Mexican Food Spots

1. Cafe El Cholo.

2. Pink Taco in Vegas.

3. Puffy Taco.

4. El Ranchito.

5. Taqueria De Anda.


1. Mark Gonzales.

2. Jason Lee.

3. Brian Lotti.

4. Jovantae Turner.

5. Mike Carroll.

Best Ollies

1. Mark Gonzales.

2. Reese Forbes.

3. Alan Petersen.

4. Jason Jessee.

5. Lee Ralph.

Gonz Graphics

1. Original Vision Gonz face.

2. Vision Gonz Mermaid.

3. Vision Gonz big cartoon faces-bald guy with big lips and girl with necklace.

4. Vision Gonz flowers with man in suit (sweatpants).

5. Blind Gonz Gene Simmons Kiss Face Fish Car-pure


Board Graphics

1. Neil Blender-G&S Lounging Man (Coffee Break).

2. Natas Kaupas-Jim Phillips’ version of the panther.

3. John Lucero-Schmitt Stix Behind Bars.

4. Jason Jessee-Santa Cruz Neptune with mermaid


5. Corey O’Brien-Santa Cruz Grim Reaper throwing fireball.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Bands

1. Led Zeppelin.

2. Guns N’ Roses.

3. Black Sabbath.

4. AC/DC.

5. Van Halen-not Van Hagar.

Skate Videos

1. H-Street’s Hokus Pokus.

2. Plan B’s Questionable.

3. Blind’s Video Days.

4. Life’s A Soldier’s Story.

5. The Color Video.


1. Ty Evans.

2. Socrates Leal.

3. Dave Schlossbach.

4. Dan Wolfe.

5. Roger Bagley.


1. Dan Sturt.

2. Atiba Jefferson.

3. Gabe Morford.

4. Tobin Yelland.

5. Seu Trinh.

Video Parts

1. Mark Gonzales-Video Days.

2. Jason Lee-Video Days.

3. Pat Duffy-Questionable.

4. Sean Sheffey-A Soldier’s Story.

5. Henry Sanchez-Pack Of Lies.

Promo Videos

1. This Is Not The New H-Street Video.

2. Tim and Henry’s Pack Of Lies.

3. Best Of Plan B promo.

4. Flip’s Letters From America.

5. Blind friends section in Questionable.

Things To Do Other Than Skateboarding

1. Draw/paint/do artwork.

2. Play pool.

3. Shoot photos.

4. Go on road trips.

5. Spend time with my wife, Carissa, and our dogs Koby and Molly.