Top Five – Lee DuPont

These selections are not only my opinion, but they are absolutely the truth, and if I can quote Daniel Harold Sturt on this one: “You can disagree with me if you want, but you would be wrong.”

Skaters Of All Time

1. Eric Koston.

2. Anthony Van Engelen.

3. Kenny Anderson.

4. Mark Gonzales.

5. James Thomas.

Skaters 2005

1. Peter Ramondetta.

2. Marc Johnson.

3. Tony Tave.

4. Shane Cross.

5. Ty Evans in the new Chomp 2 Bring The Glitches Bitches!

Videos All Time

1. Plan B-Questionable.

2. Blind-Video Days.

3. Life-A Soldier’s Story.

4. H-Street-Next.

5. Chomp On This-still making me laugh.

Video Parts

1. Jason Lee-Video Days.

2. Pick any Danny Way part, except that XYZ part kinda sucked.

3. Eric Koston-Menikamati.

4. Jamie Thomas-Welcome To Heck, as he used to call it.

5. Geoff Rowley-Really Sorry.


1. Bryce Tyrone Evans.

2. French Fred Mortagne.

3. Gregory Hunt.

4. Jon Holland.

5. Dave Schlossbach-before he went crazy.


1. Larry Bird.

2. Joan Kroc-the greatest philanthropist of all time.

3. Danny Way.

4. Larry David.

5. Brian Gaberman-he stuck with it, not a quitter.


1. Kobe Bryant-the most selfish in a league of selfishness.

2. Pastor Benny Hinn-going straight to hell for giving false hope.

3. The inventor of reality TV. The shows are dumbing down America. Real World? Real dumb!

4. Bill Laimbeer-greatest cheap-shot artist of all time.

5. WWF superstar Nikolai Volkoff.

Worst Things In Skateboarding

1. Sales reps.

2. Trade shows.

3. Saturation of videos.

4. Everyone being so damn serious.

5. People who are in it because there’s money now, but I guess I already said that with number one.

Things You Would Change In Skateboarding

1. The exploitation of kids who’re very talented but too young and naive.

2. Get videographers paid more than photographers.

3. We could stand to lose a magazine or two. I can’t seem to keep up anymore.

4. Skaters’ union-medical, dental, benefits, all for one, one for all type of shit.

5. The need to document every trick you attempt.

Best Golfers In Skateboarding

1. Jon Holland.

2. Tim Gavin-if he lost fifteen pounds.

3. Skin Phillips.

4. Adrian Lopez.

5. Eric Koston-if he took a pointer or two.

(I would say Ewan Bowman, but I’ll let him tell you how good he is.)

Worst Golfers In Skateboarding

1. Chad Bartie.

2. Eric Koston-when he doesn’t take a pointer or two.

3. Atiba Jefferson.

4. Ako Jefferson.

5. Myself.

Best-filmed Tricks In Skateboarding

1. Scott Johnston-180 switch crooks in Modus Operandi by Ty Evans.

2. Jamie Thomas-50-50 in some Tum Yeto video you probably never saw by Danny Sturt.

3. Eric Koston-nollie heel noseslide in Menikmati by Frenchy Freddy.

4. Alphonzo Rawls-one-foot tailgrab 540 in Next by Danny Sturt.

5. Matt Hensley-backside noseblunt-slide in Questionable by Daniel Harry Sturt.