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Approximate total number of skateboarders in the United States: 9,500,000

Approximate number of those who live in California: 3,000,000

Approximate number of Californians the skateboard industry employs: 15,000

Millions of dollars per day generated by the sale of skateboard products in the U.S.: 1.97

Number of California skateparks listed in the December 1997 TransWorld SKATEboarding Skatepark List: 24

Number listed in November 1999: 44

Number of North Dakota skateparks listed in the December 1997 List: 0

Number in November 1999: 0

Number of public skateparks built in Massachusetts in 1998: 15

Number of dollars Denver, Colorado has allocated for a skatepark on the city’s new Riverwalk: 1,000,000

Total square footage of the new Vans Skatepark in Ontario, California: 61,000

Total square footage of a football field (including end zones): 57,600

Cost (in dollars) of building the Carlsbad, California public skatepark: 320,000

Maximum amount (in dollars) a skateboarder can be fined for skateboarding at the Carlsbad skatepark: 500

Number of citations issued by officers of the Carlsbad police department to skateboarders in the city of Carlsbad since the park’s opening in March 1999: 267

The world record for the number of miles continuously run while carrying an egg in a spoon: 26

According to the North County Times, the number of days the city of Vista, California shut down the Vista public skatepark to “teach local skaters a lesson”: 7

Number of citations Moses Itkonen has been issued by Vancouver, B.C. police for skating the New Spot: 10

Percentage of hockey players admitted to U.S. hospital emergency rooms in 1996: 3.6

Percentage of skateboarders admitted the same year: .49

Number of skateboarders admitted to U.S. hospital emergency rooms in 1996: 27,718

Number of basketball players admitted the same year: 761,358

Total number of pages in the September 1992 issue of TransWorld SKATEboarding: 76

Total number of pages in the November 1999 issue: 296

Number of complete 360-degree rotations in a 900: 2.5

Number of years Tony Hawk tried the 900 before pulling it: 13

Number of times he pulled it between June and November of 1999: 4

Number of vert contests won by Bucky Lasek during the same period: 4

Number of pro-model skate shoes available in 1989: 2

Number of pro-model skate shoes listed in the August 1999 issue of SKATEboarding Business: 46

Prize money (in dollars) Tommy Guerrero won for coming in first place at the 1992 Back to the City: 2,000

Prize money (in dollars) Brian Anderson won for coming in first at the 1999 Gravity Games: 18,000

Total ten-day 1999 Summer X-Games attendance: 268,390

Number of skaters on the Bones Bearing team: 22

Suggested retail price (in dollars) of one set of (8) Bones Ceramic Bearings: 120

Number of times Danny Way has jumped out of a helicopter into a vert ramp: 2

Joel ripped this idea off from a magazine called Harper’s. He researched these statistics, so they should be current and correct as of November 5, 1999. Sources are listed on page ??? . He even ripped off the Harper’s disclaimer.

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