Trick Tip – Backside 360 Ollies With Ethan Fowler

Backside 360 Ollies With Ethan Fowler

1. It’s difficult and dangerous, but it’s one of the best-looking tricks out there.

2. Your upper body is going to lead the spin on this one.

3. Striped shirt, striped board.

4. Wind up, and snap the ollie as you begin turning.

5. By now it’s halfway there, start looking for your landing.

6. Make sure the rotation is gonna make it.

7. Your lower body should be catching up to the upper body now.

8. Landing these are tricky-your body will still want to turn.

9. Absorb the impact, and ride it out.

10. If you can do these where your front foot stays on, they look even better.

11. Landing one of these with one foot off, you’re looking at a blown ACL-just ask Adam Sullivan.

12. Get these dialed and you’ll be the envy of all your friends.