Trick Tip – Big Spin Flips By Jake Nunn

1. So you need to know how to do big flips. First, you should be comfortable with popping a big spin off the ground.

2. The key to this is scooping your tail-use your big toe on your back foot-while starting to turn backside. Really work on catching the board at least 90 degrees, while making sure your backside rotation comes all the way around. It’s what I like to call blindedsided, so have faith that you’ll make it around, even though you can’t see.

3. Second, you must master 360 flips-and I mean master, because you can’t land on the board if you don’t know how to flip it perfectly. Once you can do these consistently and comfortably, then you can start trying to 360 flip while rotating backside. I’d try it off a curb or into the grass to make it easier.

4. It really helps me when I put my back foot in the dip of the tail rather than the end of the tail (like a pressure flip).

5. The hardest part of this trick is learning when and where to catch it. Some people catch their board at 90 degrees, while others catch it at 180 degrees. I usually try to catch it at 90, so once I have it under my feet I can then continue the rotation with my board.

6. Remember, this is rotating blindside, so really commit to at least landing on the spin regardless of the flip. I can’t count the number of times I’ve landed primo with this trick, so don’t get frustrated.

7. Once you feel like you’re close, make sure your feet are close enough to the bolts to ride away.

8. And remember, it took years for minds to grasp the concept, so stick with it-it’s an awkward one. May the force be with you.-Jake Nunn