Trick Tip – Caballerial Kickflips

1. First learn Caballerials on flat.

2. Get half-Cab flips, too-those are the two baby steps to this grandaddy of a trick.

3. Get that upper body rotating before the snap.

4. The pop, spin, and flick are all one ubiquitous movement and could take hours of practice. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

5. Taking this down a few stairs or off a curb will help with that extra airtime.

6. Hopefully by now you’ve caught the flip and are making it around the full 360 spin.

7. Land it smooth-duh.

8. To make just one of these in your life is rewarding.

9. To have it wired like Bastien here-godlike.

10. Learn it nollie and do it in lines, like P.J. Ladd.

11. Drop it in a game of SKATE and watch your friends’ jaws drop. Letters for everyone!

12. Now learn it frontside or with a heelflip or both.