Trick Tip – Kickflip Backside Nosegrind Pop Out With Joey Brezinski

1. First learn nose manuals on a curb by ollieing up, leaning forward on the nose, and holding your balance.2. Assuming you have kickflips down already, start by trying to backside nosegrind a bench or ledge from beginning to end.3. Once you have the nosegrinds down, start easing off the grind in the middle of the obstacle by doing a slight nollie and hop off the ledge to clear it.4. Now combine everything you’ve learned. Start by doing a kickflip to backside 50-50 to get comfortable. Then start throwing kickflips up and catching your board with your front foot and leaning into a nosegrind.5. Try and keep your balance and enjoy the ride. Then refer to the third step for the pop out. Awesome!—Joey Brezinski