Trick Tip – Kickflip Backside Tailslides By Steve Berra

1. The secret to this trick is the backside tailslide and a decent backside flip.

2. The angle on this one should be pretty much parallel-not totally, but more parallel with the ledge than not. Another key is to really look at your board. I’ve found that sometimes when I don’t look at my board, I don’t seem to make it. I’m either looking at the ledge, the ground, or somewhere else. I know it sounds ridiculous, but you’d be amazed how often it happens.

3. Anyway, look at your board and roll parallel with the ledge. Do it like you’re backside flipping, but really focus on your board flipping into your back foot. It should hop right on the ledge.

4. Make sure your head’s down and you’re looking at your board-that’s what makes it easy to ride away fakie. To land

forward, look over your shoulder like a debutante; and to ride away fakie, look down, keeping your shoulders rotating backside and your back foot sweeping behind you. Hell, I guess that’s it-roll away and feel sweet.

5. These things are so hard to explain-there’s just no substitute

for practice, pra