Trick Tip – Nollie Backside Nosegrind 180 Out

Trick Tip

Nollie Backside Nosegrind 180 Out

By Danny Montoya

1. First learn nollie backside 180s on flat to get a feel for the momentum.

2. Learn backside nosegrind 180 out. Now it’s time to combine the two.

3. Give your nose a good pop, and nollie like you were going backside 180.

4. Bring your board above the ledge you’re about to grind.

5. Place your front truck into nosegrind position.

6. Hold your balance.

7. Before the end of the ledge, hook your back foot and start your backside rotation.

8. Keep rotating, and spot your landing.

9. Set her down gently, and ride away.

10. Once you start having more control with the trick, move farther down the ledge to grind farther.

11. The farther you grind, the more buttery it will be!