Trick Tip With Reese Forbes

Trick Tip

Kickflip Manuals With Reese Forbes

1. Start off by rolling toward the object you plan to kickflip onto. Crouch down.

2. Put your front foot, pigeon-toed, on the board right in the middle-half on, half off-in the kickflip stance.

3. Watch your board flip.

4. Spot your landing.

5. Catch your kickflip as if you were doing it on the ground.

6. Put more pressure on your back foot-especially on the heel, if you want to manual for a while.

7. When you’re in mid manual you’ll know shit worked out, so ride that puppy.

8. If you want to get jiggy, ollie off the end.

9. Add an extra kickflip then-be my guest.-Reese Forbes