Trick Tips: Backside 180 kickflips with Jake Stewart

1. Take your shirt off.

2. The key to doing this trick is squaring up your shoulders and turning backside when you start your ollie.

3. You want your kickflip to start turning backside a little bit¿if you already started turning your shoulders this should be easy.

4. Suck up your feet for the catch.

5. To roll away from backside 180 flips, you really have to catch them and turn them the rest of the way.

6. Since you can’t really see where you’re going, it helps to look down at the ground and at your board as reference points. Keep turning!

7. Extend those legs, and try to land as straight as possible so you don’t fly backward and crack your dome.

8. Keep your weight centered, and keep rolling.

9. Now try a frontside flip.