Trick Tips: Blunt to fakie with Kris Markovich.

1. Get ready by placing your back foot on your tail and your front foot behind your front-truck bolts.

2. As you approach the lip, you’re going to lift up your front wheels.

3. Now you need to put some pressure on your tail to lock it into the blunt position.

4. Rather than getting directly over the coping, you actually keep your weight leaning into the ramp for this trick.

5. To pop back in, think of it like a fakie ollie.

6. Some people land on their back wheels and fakie manual in, while some pop all the way in. The important part is not locking up your front truck on the coping.

7. You want to make sure all four wheels are touching the ramp and you’re centered to roll away.

8. This trick is scary at first, but once you do it a couple times it’s easy.

9. Now go train for the Ping-Pong tournament.