Trick Tips: Lipslides With Kenny Hughes

1. What’s the difference between a boardslide and a lipslide? You’re about to find out.

2. Approach the obstacle kind of parallel so your momentum will be going forward.

3. Now start your ollie, dawg!

4. Hopefully you have enough pop to get up like you’re going to 50-50.

5. Now you overturn it so you’ll slide on your board. That’s what makes it a lipslide instead of a boardslide¿you’re popping over the lip of the object. Get it?

6. Keep your weight forward so you’ll get your slide on. Also, try to slide in the center of your board so you don’t lock up.

7. When you reach the end, you should be thinking about turning it back.

8. Turn your shoulders, and hopefully your board will follow. Extend those legs, too!

9. Yo, did your friends see you pull that? You better do it again and beem ’em.