Trick Tips: Nollie 180 Heelflips On Banks

Nollie 180 Heelflips On BanksWith Daniel Castillo

*Can you do nollie 180 flips on flat? Okay, proceed to number one.

1. Riding up the bank in nollie position can be tricky. Your foot should be on the nose, but your weight should be back just a bit to succesfully roll onto the bank.

2. Alright, you made it. Now you’re going to get your crouch position going.

3. Timing on banks is important¿you want to start popping right before you stop rolling up the transition.

4. Start turning your body and pop that nollie heelflip.

5. Suck up your legs so it flips freely.

6. Catch it and keep turning so you land straight.

7. Land and stay centered.

8. Get ready to roll to the flat.

9. Oh yeah, peice of cake.