Trick Tips: Pop shove-its with Donny Barley.

1. For starters, place your back foot on the tail and your front foot behind the front truck bolts, then crouch to get some pop.

2. Most of the pop for this trick comes from your back foot, but you still need to stay centered.

3. When you pop the board, you need to give it a bit of a spin to start it turning 180. Some people kick their back foot behind them to do this.

4. Suck up your legs. Donny’s got some extra style on this pop shove-it; the board doesn’t have to tilt sideways, it can stay flat.

5. Catch it and start to balance it out.

6. By this point you need to decide if it’s caught properly and start extending your legs.

7. Slam those wheels on the ground.

8. Roll with it.

9. Skate to the nearest Ping-Pong table and display your Ping-Pong skills.