Versus – Boards: Wide Or Skinny

Boards: Wide Or Skinny

Tony Hawk

Steve “Salba” Alba

Jamie Thomas

Matt Ball

Heath Kirchart

Brian Sumner

Terry Kennedy

Tosh Townend

Kenny Hughes

Bam Margera

DJ Chavez

Andrew Reynolds

Ben Gilley

Ed Templeton

Chad Bartie

John Rattray

Van Wastell

Bob Burnquist

Chad Muska

Mike Vallely


Daewon Song

Danny Montoya

Mark Appleyard

Jerry Hsu

Kris Markovich

Ryan Sheckler

Kerry Getz

Rob Dyrdek

Tom Penny

Nate Sherwood

Eric Koston

Marc Johnson

Zared Bassett

Chris Haslam

Scott Kane

Rodney Mullen

Kevin “Spanky” Long

Bastien Salabanzi

Forrest Kirby

Dustin Dollin

“My boards are 7.625. I like 'em, because they're easy to handle and they flip a lot faster than the big-ass boards, plus I'm not that big of a guy.”–Paul Rodriguez

“I ride an eight and a quarter. I feel like it makes sense to have something I can feel under my feet, but I actually like skinny boards for ledges. For other stuff, I just don't want my feet flappin' off–feeling like I'm skating a popsicle.”–Brian Sumner

“I have to skate an 8.25, because number one I'm bigger, and I have size eleven and a half shoes. It just feels way more solid than some toothpick–more to land on.”–Matt Ball

“When I ride little boards it gives me this uncomfortable feeling, like I'm listening to 'NSYNC.”–DJ Chavez

“For a while I tried eight and a half, but now I'm at eight and a quarter. I'm tall, so it just seems to fit me, plus I love it for kickflips, because it just feels like a big flat plank to catch.”–Andrew Reynolds

“Shit, I go from big to small, it's weird. My team manager yells at me to just pick a size. I used to ride a little over eight, now I'm on 7.75.”–Scott Kane

“I skate 7.5, but I actually like the fact that skinny boards also tend to be a bit shorter. I just never made the transition to bigger boards back when the Eastern Exposure videos came out. I stayed with skinny boards, because they flip better and fit my style.”–Kris Markovich